Coffee can help you burn fat to lose weight

Apart from water, tea and coffee are the most widely consumed beverages in the world. If you start your morning with a cup of coffee, it turns out that coffee not only gives you the added boost of perking you up, the beverage also helps you to lose weight.

Research has shown that 400mg of caffeine a day is safe for most adults, this is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee, or 6 cups of black tea as tea has less caffeine. You should be drinking black tea or coffee without sugar to gain the health weight lose benefits as sugar or cream will add to calorie daily intake. Remember to much of a good thing, such as drinking 10 cups of coffee a day as it can turn out to be a negative health effect.

coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world
Start your day with fresh ground coffee

Coffee and Tea are full of Antioxidants

Chemicals, you get from food, drink, sunlight and your body internal processes (free-radicals) need to be controlled. Antioxidants needed for this can be found in coffee and tea. While coffee contains more antioxidants than tea it also contains more caffeine. Drinking more cups tea per day gives you more antioxidant benefits than drinking to much coffee. Generally only people with heart disease, or pregnant women are warned to stay away from coffee. Coffee may also reduce liver disease by 40%, reported by the Royal Society of medicine in London, England. There are many other food and drinks that will also increase your chances of maintaining a healthy liver.

Boosting your Metabolism, Boosting your Energy

The process of lipolysis is jump-started when you consume caffeine. The body releases free fatty acids into the bloodstream. This occurs when your body breaks down your fat stores to covert it into energy. Caffeine works by blocking inhibitory neurotransmitters called adenosine. Adenosine is a chemical that is present in all humans cells. By blocking adenosine, caffeine increases the firing of neurons and release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepineohrine making you feel awake and energized. Caffeine stimulates the brain and contributes to clearer thinking and better concentration.

Caffeine and Performance

Caffeine is one of the best tested ergogenic aids that enhance an individual's energy use to help athletes train harder and longer. There are more than 75 studies on the use of caffeine for both endurance exercise and short high intensity exercise. The vast majority of studies conclude that caffeine dose enhance the performance and makes the effort seem easier. The average improvement in performance is about 12 percent. The water and caffeine in coffee or tea may reduce appetite throughout the day helping people to lose weight. Unfortunately the effects of caffeine has a lesser effect on obese and older people. If you are a coffee drinker enjoy your cup and its metabolic boost.

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