44 Schools in San Francisco to Change Names

Updated: May 1

One third of San Francisco schools have been flagged for name changes as the Woke renaming committee claim the names are allegedly associated with slaveholding, colonization or oppression. A Few of the school names on their list flagged for name changes are, Abraham Lincoln High, schools named after former presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Dianne Feinstein Elementary School made the list because she reportedly replaced a vandalized Confederate flag flying outside City Hall when she was mayor in 1984.

Abraham Lincoln High has been the most highly targeted as the Woke Liberals are saying the President did not demonstrate that black lives mattered to him. As the nation approached its 3rd year in civil war, President Abraham Lincoln issued on January 1st 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation. The Proclamation declared that "all persons held as slaves" within the rebellious states " are, and henceforth shall be free. The Proclamation also announced the acceptance of liberated freed black men into the Union army and navy and by the wars end 200,00 black soldiers and sailors had fought for the union and freedom. To many people, President Lincoln is honored as the great Emancipator, and an inspiration to his successors, including Barack Obama, who used the Lincoln Bible for his 2009 and 2013 inaugurations. ​

President Abraham Lincoln may have not been a hero among many American Indian Nations and Native people of the United States as some of his policies did forever change their way of life. His Homestead Act of 1862 did displace many native Americas from their lands as there are claims that Lincoln largely delegated some bloody responses to Native American uprising while the civil war was raging. After a Sioux Nation uprising, Lincoln oversaw the hanging of 38 warriors after reviewing the legal cases against 303 men sentenced to the gallows. He spared the lives of 265 Sioux Nation warriors. President Lincoln printed nearly 450 million dollars worth of Greenbacks , money that he delegated to be created, a debt-free and interest-free money to finance the War. The Republican Party cultivated the WIDE AWAKE movement with political adds during the 1860 presidential election to primarily oppose the spread of slavery. ​ Other schools that the Woke Liberals are requesting names for, are schools named after Presidents Washington, Jefferson, and both Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt are being flagged. The Woke liberal naming committee, condemns Presidents Washington and Jefferson for being slave owners. President Washington willed all of his 123 slaves free after Martha's death but she chose to free them early on January 1st 1801. Unlike most of his fellow Virginians, President Jefferson was prepared to acknowledge that slavery was an anomaly in the American republic established in 1776. His two most practical proposals came in the early 1780s, the first was a gradual emancipation scheme by which all slaves born after 1800 would be freed and their owners compensated, and a prohibition of slavery in all the territories of the West as a condition for admission to the Union. President Jefferson granted freedom to 7 skilled tradesman slaves that were capable of finding employment, two of the men where freed during Jefferson's life time and 5 he had willed to be freed. After Jefferson's death the remaining slaves were sold and many of them were able to obtain their freedom as skilled workers. This movement appears to be nothing more than political trashing by the left. All of the 4 presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, have represented the most important events in the history of the United States and that is why these presidents are the honored presidents of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

As strange as it is, the renaming committee is unsure which president the Roosevelt the middle school is named after, so both presidents are being targeted. Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, is flagged for his alleged opposition to civil rights and suffrage for Blacks. Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt, is targeted for refusal to support an anti-lynching bill, and for his support of limiting immigration based on race.

The WOKE Liberals (renaming committee) are expected to officially recommend changing current names of the the 44 schools of San Francisco in January 2021. Perhaps they will consider naming one of the schools after Anthony Johnson, a prominent African America in colonial America. There is much more to the Antony Johnson story that you will find a incredible event in history.

The Lincoln Bible is a 1280 page King James edition published in 1853. President Lincoln used this bible for his inauguration in 1861as his personal belongings and bible, did not arrive in time. This bible belonged to William Thomas Carroll, clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court who kept it for official use. The bible remained with Carroll, and the Lincoln family probably acquired it after President Lincoln was assonated. The Lincoln family donated the bible to the library congress in 1928. President Obama used the Lincoln bible for his inaugurations in 2009 and 2013. President Trump also used the Lincoln bible for his inauguration in 2017.

The term WOKE is a political term first used in the 1940s originating in the United States referring to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice. The term has resurfaced in recent years as a concept that symbolizes perceived awareness of social issues and movement. Since 2014 it has become more widespread as a result of the Black Lives Matter Movement.