Canada's Winter Warfare Training with China

The Trudeau government was secretly continuing to train Chinese military groups in winter warfare tactics at Canada's Garrison Petawawa, in Ont. This is just one more of the continuously growing list scandals that Trudeau hides from Canadians and liberal controlled main stream media never reports on. This program was secretly initiated by the Conservative party themselves, with an agreement from 2013 when Stephen Harper was in office. Harper certainly had his hand in destroying Canada too, but as tensions with China over the last few years any good Canadian leader would have probed and deported the Chinese troops especially after China hid the CCP virus from to world. There were 18 different joint projects that the Canadian Armed Forces had with communist Chinese troops in 2019 alone. This was found out by accident when the government sent Ezra Levant freedom of information documents and forgot to black them out, or a inside government worker purposely wanted to blow the whistle on Trudeau's relationship with communist China.

Canada was training Chinese 1 and 2 star generals, majors, lieutenants and commanders, in war collages. Trudeau was sending Canadians to China and bringing in Chinese, possible spies among them, to train in Canada. This came at a time Trudeau's office was supporting China and condemning the Trump administration for it tough stance against China world aggression. The Trump administration warned Canada about the downside of military engagement and co-operation with China that winter warfare military training of Chinese troops would transfer knowledge to further fuel Chinese aggression in places like Tibet or fighting India in the Himalayas mountain.

When the Canadian military informed Trudeau that our allies are concerned about this, Trudeau pushed back saying is it just the Trump administration or is anyone else worried about it? When Trudeau trained Chinese troops in secret and was not transparent about it, how would Canadian citizens know about it? Canada's opinion of China has hardened, and Canadians would have certainly opposed training Chinese military as 2 Canadian Citizens, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, are jailed in China for being suspected spies in 2018. This situation was created for Canadians by Trudeau when he obeyed the request of Americans to arrest Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei. Due to Trudeau's poor competence as a world leader, further escalated with China blocking exports of canola, beef, pork, soybeans. ​ Video update Toronto Sun CANADA & CHINA'S DOUBLE STANDARD: Meng Wanzhou has family visit while the Michaels rot in jail This training of the Chinese military was cancelled by National Defense (not Trudeau), after China held the 2 Canadian citizens for well over a year as Trudeau failed to negotiate their release. National Defense is no stranger to suspicions about China, having spent an enormous amount of time quietly defending itself from cyberattacks purportedly launched by Beijing or by groups associated with it. A top aid to Trudeau complained about the cancellation to the department of defense, saying Canada dose not want to be the partner that is reducing normal bilateral interactions. Is it normal to have Communist Chinese troops to be trained in Canada in secret especially when communist China kidnaps our citizens? Some Liberals still believe if the kidnapping of the 2 Canadian citizens gets resolved the war games with China can continue, I think NOT!!! ​ The Canadian government, past and present has a long history of funding questionable projects in China that are linked to the Chinese military, including sending tens of millions every year in foreign aid. China has a GPD $12.238 trillion, while Canada has a GPD of $1.647 trillion, why are we giving the second richest country in the world aid. Foreign aid money did flow to China under the Harper government and the Paul Martin government as well. Any kind of aid to China has to stop especially when China has been doing economic warfare with Canada for years.

This is certainly not the first time that Trudeau has sided with communist China, Trudeau has repeatedly quoted " there is a high level of admiration I actually have for China". Trudeau absolutely refuses to criticize China even on matters about covid 19. Justin is Following in his father's foot steps as Pierre Trudeau had a deep love for communism to. Trudeau and the Liberals have never been transparent to Canadians, the Liberals must enjoy keeping everything a secret like a communist dictatorship. ​ If you haven’t yet read about the scandal of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allowing China’s communist-led military to train in winter warfare at a base in Ontario that is because main stream media is controlled by the liberal government of Canada and will never report the truth about the never ending Trudeau scandals.

Supporting Video: Ezra Levant joins Tucker Carlson with Fox News:

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