The Trudeau Government Helped China Cover-up Covid Pandemic

Updated: May 25

Canada may have assisted the communist party of China in covering up the pandemic in its early stages even before the first case was announced in China. Reports are that officials of the liberal government with-held information that could have prevented the wide spread of the outbreak. Trudeau has evaded questions from reporters about whether China had concealed the extent of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The report first came from a secret unit in the military that gave warning of the pandemic in January of 2020 and may have known about the virus as early as October 2019. This is months before China started to report virus cases and weeks before the first ever confirmed virus patient. This information certainly contradicts the communist party of China's narrative about the timeline, however as Prime minister Trudeau lacks transparency and has a great admiration for China, he chose to not release this information to other world leaders.

Not many people have heard about the medical inelegance unit as it is part of the Canadian security and defense establishment. Its main objective is to monitor pandemics and health concerns though troops deployed in the field. Canadian troops have been training in China in a agreement made with China by the Harper government in 2013.

A spokesman for the defense department has said the medical intelligence unit analysts started to write reports in early January 2020. A document dated January 2020, is written by a advisor to the national defense minister is titled exposure to corona virus during Wuhan military games. It revolves around virus concerns regarding Canadian solders who were in Wuhan in October 2019 participating in a sporting event. A senor Canadian armed forces soldier who has inside knowledge on the matter said dozens of Canadian soldiers became sick from participating in the event showing symptoms of the virus.

The senor soldier has said that the Canadian government allegedly refused to perform virus testing after they returned from Wuhan because the Canadian government didn't want to provoke the Chinese communist party. If testing had been done it would have proved that the CCP lied about when the virus emerged in China and the severity of human to human transmission rate. A similar report by the New York post explains that French soldiers were also sick after participating in the event.

It is not surprising the Trudeau government did not release this information as the liberals have not shown any transparency in recent years and the Trudeau scandals are never ending.

The liberal government probably hope that if they continue to refuse in giving any testimony in the mounting scandals that voters will forget about it.

Just a few Trudeau scandals listed below incase you have forgotten. For every 1 scandal that comes to surface there is probably another 4 or 5 that remain hidden.

Aga Khan's Bahama trip billed to taxpayers, Trudeau was found guilty of ethics violations.

The SNC-Lavalin affair was a political scandal involving political interference with the justice system by Trudeau resulting in countless ministers taking the fall for Trudeau and resigning or being fired.

The WE charity scandal, unknown amounts of money paid directly to Trudeau's family and resulting in the finance minster resignation. This scandal is never ending...........................

The liberal government in 2020 is unable to account for over 80 billion dollars of spending.

Corporate welfare handout, $50 million to a MasterCard project.

Countless billions donated to other charities and countries

Meanwhile taxpayers become involuntarily investors to companies like Bombardier

Canada's secret warfare training with China

ITS NEVER ENDING, there are many more scandals, worst corrupt government of Canada ever...............Only reason Justin is prime minister is because of his last name is Trudeau.