Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch While Wearing Mask

In November 2017 Apple introduced its face ID recognition system with the launch of the iPhone X which offered users a simple way to unlock their smartphones rather than using fingerprint recognition. Today however with the usage of face mask in public spaces, the Apple biometric feature has become handicapped resulting in many users in having to enter their passcodes to unlock their phones.

Apple is now making it easier to unlock an iPhone when you are wearing a mask. Apple has released the ios 14.5 beta, and inside this new update is a solution to make it easier to unlock your iPhone. In IOS 14.5 there is a new option to unlock iPhone with face id and with a apple watch pared together with the watch being a extra layer of authentication and security. This means you wont have to take off your face mask or enter a passcode to unlock your phone when this feature is enabled.

What you need: iPhone X or later with face ID, Apple watch with series 3 or later, iOS 14.5 or later installed on iPhone, watchOS 7.4 or later installed on Apple watch. It requires both an iPhone running iOS14.5 and a Apple watch running watch OS7.4. On the IPhone that is feed with the Apple watch you need to make sure that the iPhone is updated to iOS 14.5. Go into settings, than general, and go to software update to ensure IPhone is updated to iOS 14.5. Currently the updates are in developer beta testing which means which means the updates are not widely available, just available to developers. In about a month the updates will be available in a public beta for everyone to try out if you choose to do so and than a full public release where it will be updated to everyone who has the iPhone. Go into settings, than general, and go to software update to ensure IPhone is updated to iOS 14.5.

Once you have the update you will need to go into your iPhone settings app and under face id you will need to turn this feature on manually "Unlock with Apple watch". Then go into the apple watch app in the setting as you will need to make sure your wrist detection and unlock with iPhone is on as your apple watch needs to be unlocked to use this feature. ​ An unlocked Apple Watch can be paired with Face ID to unlock your ‌iPhone‌ without having to enter a passcode and the watch will vibrate, but it cannot be used to authenticate Apple Pay or App Store purchases. These will still require the full Face ID facial scan or passcode. To learn more visit Apple Beta Software Program