WE Charity Scandals, Ties with the Trudeau Family and other politicians.

Updated: May 1

The WE charity, as we all know has been under investigation since the Trudeau government awarded them a half billion dollar contact in May of 2020. to over see a student service grant, intended to help students for volunteering. But another program that had been doing this service already existed. The organizations past has raised a lot of question that still remained unanswered. Even though WE vows transparency there is none and the charity is embroiled in scandals with red flags everywhere

As Trudeau is continuously plagued with ethics violations it really is no shock to find out that the WE charity was hiring the prime minister's mother, brother, and even his wife Sophie Trudeau as ambassadress for the organization. Trudeau and then-finance minister Bill Morneau did not recuse themselves from cabinet talks on the deal, despite both having family ties to the organization. Both Morneau and Trudeau are being investigated by Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion after the Liberal government gave WE Charity a $43.53-million contract to administer a $900-million student grant program despite both their families having close ties to the charity.

The WE Charity Scandals maybe World Wide

Most recently a Canadian parliamentary committee is hearing testimony from the ---- brothers about the WE charity's business dealings. The organizations past has raised a lot of question that still remained unanswered. Even though WE vows transparency the charity is embroiled in scandals with red flags everywhere and no transparency to be seen. On March 12th Craig and Mark Kielburger testified under oath that they paid Trudeau's family close to a half million dollars in speaking fees for WE Day events. The brother say the payments are not out of the norm for their most frequent speakers. But this is a direct conflict of interest as Trudeau awarded the charity with the student service contract knowing his family was getting paid speaking fees.

The WE Charity contract, that should never have existed, was canceled in July of 2020 after a huge public outcry that prompted two parliamentary committees to launch a investigation. Trudeau and the liberals killed these committee investigations by shutting down Parliament when it was needed the most in the middle of a pandemic even after they vowed never to shut down the House of Commons for political reasons. The Canadian parliamentary committee that is now investigating the WE Charity has authorized issuing four subpoenas to get any executive leaders of WE Charity to testify.

The WE Charity group, is really good at is embedding themselves with powerful politicians. From 2014-2016 California's than lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom became co-chairman of WE day California with his Jenifer. Newsom sent out a letter with former California's state superintendent Tom Torlakson, encouraging all school districts and administrators. to attend the inaugural year. The Newsoms spoke at the WE Day California 2015 and no doubt were paid speaking fees. This appears to be the trend for the WE Charity, pay politicians and their family speaking fees and get taxpayer funds in return.

There has been a huge shift for WE USA and California is a massive market in terms of superstar status in people getting involved in WE Day and there is a lot of donor money.

490 million dollars has been raised across the USA since 2011. WE Charity claims on its website that 90% of donation from the USA and Canada support programing while only 10% goes toward administrative cost. WE Charity claims 1500 schools and school rooms have been built around the world with donated funds but the non profit has been unable to provide a list of locations.

The lack of clarity is leaving donors question where their money went. Allegations have surfaced that multiple donors have funded the same projects over and over again. In the USA the WE Charity has been asked to produce a list of all the WE schools built with money donated by Californians over the last 8 years and their reply was " As we are sure you can appreciate, we can not provide answers to your questions as they pertain to private individuals".

The WE charity maybe doing some good work, but there is no clear picture of who owns what and how the money flows and without that transparency how can the WE Charity be trusted.