Rolls Royce next-100 Grand Vision Future Luxury Car

Rolls-Royce, the world’s leading luxury brand, has defined the future of luxury cars. Rolls-Royce has stepped bravely into the future to propose a no-compromise, fully autonomous, coach built, personalised vision to those customers who wish for an emotional attachment to their car.

A further departure is the lack of a gasoline powered engine. Here, the Vision Next 100 concept ushers away past for a fully-electric, fully-futuristic powertrain, furthering the quiet grace that Rolls-Royce has come to embody.
A vision of the future of luxury mobility’ is how Rolls-Royce defines project 103EX

The key, says Rolls-Royce, is in optimizing four key tenets of the future of luxury mobility. ‘The Grand Sanctuary’ ‘The Effortless Journey’, ‘The Grand Arrival’. and ‘The Personal Vision’.

Rolls-Royce states that the Vision Next 100's design "presents an intriguing and aesthetically dynamic vision of the future of luxury mobility—a completely personal, effortless and autonomous Rolls-Royce experience, wrapped in a design that ensures a 'Grand Sanctuary' for its occupants, and a 'Grand Arrival. '"
The interior, has been dubbed by Rolls-Royce as the “Grand Sanctuary,”

The “Grand Sanctuary,” is designed to feel like the cozy carriages of old, except with a digital twist. Where the concept's design departs from current Rolls-Royces however, is in the gullwing top portion of the single suicide door. Adding to the futuristic, handcrafted lounge atmosphere is a virtual assistant and chauffeur, dubbed the “Voice of Eleanor.” As a fully autonomous vehicle, there’s also no need for a steering wheel. The OLED screen in front of passengers is designed to display information or play TV shows. However, Rolls-Royce did include one anachronism in the interior of the concept, the analog clock, which is featured prominently in the center of the dash.

The Effortless Journey’, brings alive one character forever associated with the brand: the Spirit of Ecstasy. The 103EX powerfully expresses the future of luxury, while still maintaining the iconic tropes of any true Rolls-Royce: The Spirit of Ecstasy, the Pantheon grille, the long bonnet and the iconic proportions of the entire vehicle. Literally so – the Spirit, originally sculpted on Eleanor Thornton back in 1911, becomes the owner’s virtual assistant and autonomous chauffeur, using artificial intelligence to organise schedules and plan around traffic. The artificial intelligence is designed to inform the owners of their schedules, reminding them about appointments and important tasks.

103EX, it is Rolls-Royce’s first ever pure “vision vehicle” and “defines the future of luxury mobility
The 103EX, is Rolls-Royce’s first ever “vision vehicle”

The Grand Arrival gesture of the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 creates a stage for our important passengers as they arrive at their ultimate destination,’ explains Taylor. ‘It is an expression of our intrinsic understanding of the possibilities for a true luxury brand and the desires of its customers.’

‘The Personal Vision’ is represented by the coach-built nature of the concept car. There are no direct references to what powers the Vision Next 100 concept – ‘zero-emission’ is as detailed as it gets, An advanced chassis, a zero-emissions power-train and a bespoke design tailored to every individual customer are all part of and it could be a long time before Rolls-Royce finally retires its magnificent V12 engines.

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