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  • The Earth is Getting Greener

    Studies have quite literally shown that the planet is getting greener. It is not it spite of technological growth and economic development that is changing the world it is because of it. The level of carbon dioxide was first studied in greater depth 25 years ago by Charles Keeling and he the amplitude of change was increasing. In the northern summer the level of carbon dioxide went down and in the winter it went up again and this change was growing. Not only was more carbon dioxide showing in the atmosphere every winter, more was going out of the atmosphere every summer. It is understandable that more carbon dioxide would be in the atmosphere in the winter time because of industry, but why was more going out of it every summer. Every day in the news there are reports about mankind's devastating destruction to major forested areas around the world, so how is it possible for the level of carbon dioxide to be getting lower in the summer time? The answer is in fact that the planet is actually getting greener with vegetation. We now have the data from a satellite that measure the amount of greenery on earth, and it comes up with what is called the normalized vegetation index which is a measure of how green the land area of the planet is. It is quite clear that the green areas have been increasing in the last 30 years. Since 2000, 20.5% of the world's vegetated area got greener while just 3% got browner, resulting in a net increase of green areas around the world. The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in are to two times the size of the United States. Boston university has studied the findings in great detail and what they have found is that half of the increase of vegetation is due to greater rain fall. As the world is a little bit warmer, we have more evaporation in the atmosphere from the oceans that creates slightly heavier rain fall, resulting in more vegetation growth. The other half of the greening on earth comes from carbon dioxide itself. As industrial growth put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, there is more fuel from vegetation growth. When a plant has more co2 surrounding it in the air it dose not have to open it's pores so much so it dose not lose so much water in absorbing the carbon dioxide that it needs to grow. It is common knowledge that plants grow faster if the is more carbon dioxide in the air. For a 200ppm increase of co2 in the air we get 30% increase in plant growth. Has the burning of fossil fuels made the planet greener? Studies have shown the connect between greening and carbon storage in plants and increases of carbon sinks on land that is consistent with the idea of a greening earth. In the northern hemisphere, atmospheric co2 peaks in the month of May because of all the decompositions throughout the winter months. This is followed with a burst of photosynthesis that occurs with the return of leaves to trees and plants in spring reducing levels of carbon dioxide. Related Article Are older forests now becoming a carbon source

  • Tesla 4680 super battery cell has been copied

    Tesla, America's leading clean energy and electric vehicle producer, has designed and manufactured the best EVs and battery cells that are on today's market but that may change. Israel's Storedot has claimed to have produced a exact copy of Tesla's 4680 battery cell that has a shorter charging time. Until recently Tesla's batteries have lead the EV battery market allowing Tesla to hold a monopoly over the electric vehicle industry. The new Tesla 4680 battery cell is supposed to revolutionize the battery life of EVs giving electric vehicles longer range with shorter charging time at a lower cost for consumers. Israel's Storedot has replicated the 4680 battery cell and improved on it. Developed by Panasonic, the 4680 battery is more advanced that any EV battery cell produced. It becomes a big deal if that battery that took along time to research and produce is replicated by another company in a shorter time, with a even battery range and shorter charging time. The A series battery, produced by Storedot, claims to be a better component than it original with new feature of fast charge record time of 10 minutes. This almost sounds to good to be true but Storedot COE Doron Meyersdorf, backs up this claim. The battery life of a electric vehicle is one of the first 5 things you consider when making a purchase. Producers of electric cars are constantly looking for ways to improve the battery technology of their cars to suit the needs of their users. Storedot is Israel based company that is focus on manufacturing EVs and battery cells. The unheard of company until now, is working towards large scale production of its advanced copy of the 4680 battery cell to supply manufactures of electric vehicles with its A-series battery that will decrease charging times by roughly 50%. Storedot has shipped samples of it A Series battery to China and other manufacturers for testing. Storedot's is confident that the extremely fast charging battery cell will be in full scale production by 2024. Other than its short charging time, the primary specs of Storedot's A-series battery were not reviled. The company says that the A-series cell uses similar silicon dominant anode chemistry that was previously applied to the Tesla 4680 battery cell packs. Storedot COE has said their mission is to provide global automotive manufactures extremely fast charging technology that will enable them to help consumers overcome what appears to be the major barrier to mass EV adoption. Tesla Battery Cell Patents There have been case where copy of products become better than their originals. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has quoted (if we clear a path to the creation of compelling electric vehicles, but than lay intellectual property landmines behind us to inhibit others, we are acting in a manner contrary to that goal. Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith wants to use our technology). The new vehicle market is approaching 100 million units per year, this market is enormous and Tesla feels without other electric vehicle manufactures it would be impossible to build EVs fast enough to address the carbon crisis. Tesla also feels that its true competition is not the trickle of other electric vehicles, but rather the enormous flood of fossil fueled cars being manufactured every day. Related Article Tesla 4680 Tabless Battery Cells

  • Is the Tesla Model S Plaid the best car in the world

    The Tesla Model S has been a ambitious goal by Tesla to build the best car consumer reports have ever tested. Tesla intends to show the world that the electric car is the best for sustainable energy cars with delivering great performance in being the fastest and the safest cars competing against the best gasoline cars. The Tesla Model S plaid is the highest performance sedan ever built with the longest range and quickest acceleration. The first original all wheel drive Tesla Model S was delivered in June of 2012 and huge improvements have been made with the all new Model S Plaid. The Tesla Model S Plaid has a range of almost 400 miles, and with the new 4680 battery cell pack it has a charging rate speed of 187 mile range in 15 minutes. The Model S Plaid has a peak power of 1020hp. The independent electric Tri motors, that power the all wheel drive sedan are equipped with carbon over wrapped rotors, a first of its kind in production. Carbon and copper have different rates of thermo expansion and in order to do a carbon over wrapped rotor it has to be wound at extremely high tension. Tesla had to design the machine that makes the rotor as no such machine existed that could produce the result Tesla was looking for. It also means that the electromagnetic field has a super tight gap even at extremely high RPM that maintains peak power all the way to top speed. The centrifugal force of the high revolutions per minute (20,000 rpm) wants to expand the rotor and the carbon overwrap basically holds the rotor together. Outside of a lab possibly somewhere, this makes the Tesla Model S Plaid electric motors the most advanced production motor on earth. Tesla Model S Plaid record breaking 0-60mph and 1/4mile The Tesla Model S Plaid is the first car to break the 0-60mph 2 second barrier and the fastest 1/4 mile time of 9.23 seconds, no other production car has been able to do this. Tesla Model S Plaid driven by Jay Leno did officially break the world record for the fastest production car 1/4 mile at Flonso raceway Bakersfield California with a run time of 9.247 seconds. The previous record for the fastest 1/4 mile for a production car was the Bugatti Veyron super sports car. Jay Leno's record was short lived and held for only 5 minutes as a Tesla's own professional test driver broke it completing the 1/4 mile in 9.234 seconds. The Tesla Model s Plaid is the most aerodynamic car in the world As the Tesla Model S Plaid is built for speed and range, it has a drag coefficient of 0.208 with the wheels moving, which is the lowest of any production car ever made. With the wider body and chassis together with the low drag coefficient it allows you to go down the straight away and around corner quicker than ever. The latest and greatest Hvac heat pump and improved thermal system, the car is now 30% better in cold weather range, and requires 50% less energy for cabin heating in freezing conditions. The radiator is twice as big for heat rejections enabling the electric car to do back to back 0-60s speed trials. When the first Tesla Model S was delivered there were no super chargers anywhere in the world, now Tesla owns and operates over 30,000 super charges and is increasing this number at a alarming rate. Tesla also intends to keep deceasing charging times by increasing the power of the super chargers. The Tesla Model S Plaid is designed for safety Like the Tesla Model X, which is the first SUV to receive a 5 star cash safety rating, the Model S Plaid is designed for maximum safety. Still to be tested by the government, Elon Musk believes the Model S plaid will have the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested. This is not just a bold claim as the top five cars with the lowest probability of injury are all Tesla electric vehicles. With a high Strength design structure and built as a electric vehicle with the battery cell power pack in the floor, Tesla electric vehicles have incredible occupant protection and low risk rollover. New Model S Plaid Interior Design: In making non-Tesla cars feel like last century, Tesla has made a lot of refinements to the exterior and the interior of Model S Plaid which has been completely been redone. The redesigned second row Seating fits three adults comfortably, with extra legroom, headroom and a stowable armrest with integrated storage and wireless charging. When Driving the Model S Plaid which is optimized for autopilot, it will feel like you are driving in the future. One of the most controversial things in the new interior is the yoke steering wheel. Related Articles Tesla 4680 Tabless Battery Cells Tesla 4680 super battery cell has been copied Tesla Electric Semi is the Future in the Trucking Industry Tesla EVs Edmunds Range Testing Tesla Model X is The First SUV To Receive A Perfect Crash Test Rating

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    Sign up for Free Subscription Technology Tesla 4680 super battery cell has been copied Tesla, America's leading clean energy and electric vehicle producer, has designed and manufactured the best EVs and battery cells that... Tesla Is the Tesla Model S Plaid the best car in the world The Tesla Model S has been a ambitious goal by Tesla to build the best car consumer reports have ever tested. Tesla intends to show the... Tesla Tesla 4680 Tabless Battery Cells Tesla's long term goal was to always manufacture its own batteries. In late 2020 researchers announced a major breakthrough with the... Tesla Tesla Electric Semi is the Future in the Trucking Industry The personal transportation industry has seen major advancements in electric cars in the last few decades and now Tesla environmental friend Technology BMW Reveals the Future Vision Next 100 concept Self Balancing Motorcycle BMW has released a wild line of future concept vehicles that explores how driving will evolve in the next 100 years. To mark its... Technology Rolls Royce next-100 Grand Vision Future Luxury Car Rolls-Royce, the world’s leading luxury brand, has defined the future of luxury cars. Rolls-Royce has stepped bravely into the future to... Tesla Tesla Model X is The First SUV To Receive A Perfect Crash Test Rating Unlike most SUVs that tend to rollover, the Tesla Model X continues to return to a upright position. The Tesla Model X is the first SUV... Technology Green Energy Technology Relies on China Rare earth and polysilicon are two raw earth materials needed for green energy technology and China dominates the market. Technology Evidence for the Existence of a new Force of Nature. scientist working on a project in the United States, say that they have discovered strong evidence for existence of a new force of nature. Technology Volkswagen Partners with Microsoft to Develop Self Driving Technology Volkswagen has partnered with Microsoft to help develop technology for self driving vehicles by tapping into Microsoft's cloud computing exp Tesla Tesla EVs Edmunds Range Testing A recent Edmonds electric car test found that Tesla EVs are below the EPA ranges estimates but when it comes EV range Tesla is still well ah - Tesla electric vehicles - Climate change - sustainable energy - Technology information blog - Environment Climate Change The Earth is Getting Greener Climate Change 1816 A Year Without Summer, Mt. Tambora Eruption Climate Change New Research shows trees may no longer be effective carbon scrubbers Climate Change Earth Turned into a Frozen Snowball 715 Million Years ago due to depleted carbon gas Climate Change Are Polar Bears thriving despite predictions Environment Most precious resource on Earth is Freshwater With the ever growing Earth population and expansion of urbanization centers it is vital that we find new clean ways of using the Earth... Environment Health Side Effects From Toxic Scented Candles When burning paraffin candles, little tiny particles get into our lungs they can cause everything from coughing and wheezing to acute health Environment Kona Coffee Best tasting Healthy coffee in America Coffee drinkers have a much lower risk from getting serious disease. Coffee may reduce liver disease by 40%, improve your energy level, help Environment Indoor Air pollution is Among the Top 5 Environmental Health Risks. Today's tighter houses keep the weather outside, but they also keep contaminants inside. Since you and your family can spend up to 90% of t Environment Deadly Radon Gas is in your home Causing Health Risks Radon is classified as a class-one carcinogen a proven cancer-causing, radioactive gas agent. Environment Is Farmed Salmon the most toxic food in the world. In 2004, a widely cited study found that the levels of PCBs, a potentially carcinogenic chemical, to be ten times higher in farmed fish than

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