Tesla EVs Edmunds Range Testing

A recent Edmonds electric car test found that Tesla EVs are below the EPA ranges estimates but when it comes EV range Tesla is still well ahead of its competitors. Electric vehicles analyst Gordon Johnson said its not the first time that Tesla has has fallen short of Tesla's published EPA estimates. The range is one of the most important factors in a EV purchase, meaning how far will one battery charge take you. Unlike a quick gas fill up, electric cars take more time to charge, so EV owners need the capability to go further with less charging time.

 Tesla EVs are Reported to be Failing Edmunds Range Test
Tesla Model S is the undisputed EV range king

When you buy a electric vehicle a lot of the value you are looking for is the range, and if that range is 25-30% less than what you think, your are getting a product that is not what the manufacture estimated it to be. The EPA has a standard testing it uses to determines an electric vehicle's efficiency and range per full charge. It dose not seem to be a flaw in testing methods as other manufacture are exceeding their estimates. Tesla has been advancing it's battery technology with the new 4680 battery cell which has alone increased the range of its electric vehicles by 16% so the Edmunds report is pretty much drastically outdated.

In China consumers are complaining about the lower mileage range, but Communist China will probably complain about anything they do not own, or complain about technology that they have not yet reversed engineered. In the USA the issue is not being addressed because of the of the environmental movement, but of course critics fear the problem will just be swept under the rug. The news is not all bad for the American EV manufacture. Although it fell short of estimates, Tesla still holds two of the top five spots for the overall longest range achieved by an electric vehicle in Edmund's tests.

The worst performer on the list was Tesla's 2018 Model 3 Performance which achieved 17% fewer miles in the real world compared to EPA estimates. Similar to other vehicles on the list, the efficiency of Tesla's vehicles is slightly better than in testing. It does raise the question, if all vehicles are undergoing the same Edmund's tests, why are Tesla's vehicles below manufactures specifications? In the United States, roughly 14.5 million vehicles were delivered in 2020. Of those, it is estimated that Tesla delivered 204,000. In China, about 25 million new vehicles were delivered in 2020, with estimates that Tesla delivered 148,349 of those units. ​ Tesla is also developing self driving technology. All new Tesla EVs came standard with technology that is capable of providing autopilot features of today, and with future developments provide full Tesla self driving capabilities. Meanwhile, Volkswagen has entered into competition with Tesla and has partnered with Microsoft to develop self driving technology for the future. ​ Related Articles

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